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   Label offset printing presses in the wine market had a high standard share, a large numberofhighlyspecializedlabelprinters such as the card Dunlop label companies are in the hundreds of millions of sets of annual production capacity of more than. Offset printing wine labels have favored the subjective reasons: First, is the quality of offset printing with fine line of beer consumers appreciate the concept of external decoration; second, has a large number of low-cost foreign accesstodomestic offset printing market, not only to meet the printing Factory price of printing requirements, but also to adapt to frequently changing version of the brewery and short-order needs. Objective still offset, flexo, gravure can not match advantage: from bulk restrictions, changing version of the rapid and low cost, suitable for handling small text, fine lines andsmallnetworks, overlay the best materials and inks on the label is not critical . Many breweries do limit the source of coatedpaper,printing at 5% loss of control, so that offset the price of its maximum advantage. Not environmentally friendly than traditionaloffset printing has been so difficult problem, due mainly to a non-green high in volatile solvent inks on a message from the ink on the offset printing industry is undoubtedly good news: Japanese goddess, Osakaintroducedsoyinktooffsettheenvironmental onto the road. Shanghai, China Peony Ink Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Ink Factory, is the largest manufacturer of offset printing ink)North Regional Sales Manager Li Ren Chao said, "offset and offset printing ink will keep quite a long time about 40%oftheproportion of applications. Domestic beer mark rotation was the rise of self-adhesive roll label printing, but because the wine label industry, competition, frequently changing version, and now fast track the offset printing method isstilldominant. "To meet market demand, offset printing ink manufacturers and producers are committed to the transformation of traditional offset printing, green printing. There is Gravure: Gravure champion, beer cap labeled using 99.5% pure aluminumfoil,substrate performance advantages in the processing easy, has good printability and lamination properties, compared with paper label will not affect the flow wire printing and labeling; natural appearance with the original metal texture, brightness, and its eye-catching is higher than any other material, like a crown of fine jewelry, and aluminum foil in roll form can only be printed, marked abdominal, back label seamless, common the perfect brand of beer packaging. And the need to reflect the thickness of the ink and laying solid bright colors, so gravure marking almost the only way. To improve the surface of the metal because of the value, to ensure that the ink and coating fastness, gravure printing machine general configuration corona treatment device (coronatreatment). Following the pure aluminum foil, aluminum foil after spraying, MEC (metallic color) printing is a new way to create the effect of metal surface, through the use of special inks in the PVD metal exceeds 80% of white wet-strength paper, printing, field have caused a real strong graphic or gold or silver visual effects. MEC's core technology is the metallic effect pigments and the development and application of ink, and gravure printing metallic color is the best process. Laser engraving intaglio made of steel roller to transfer graphics to enrich or field thick metal coating in the printing ink is only when the amount of heavy light in order to better highlight the effect. Need to reflect the vision of metal ink, gravure coating weight per square up to 4 grams, while the offset is less than 2 grams. U.S. company Avery sticker paper (AveryDennison) made by vacuum metallization thin and flat U.S. special light metal pigments, Germany Love Card Company (ECKART) and card labels Dunlop processing company with its bright metallic color ink , the metal effect, stability, and functionality not only for paper in India, India can also get real shinytableeffect.Measuredwiththephotometric brightness, hue and saturation (hue), the printing effect is very close to the metallized paper, but the cost can be reduced by 20%. Finally, flexographic printing: flexographic printing is a rising star, according to the printing industry insiders said that the current sales of flexo two characteristics: First, the flexo printing equipment to be introduced as a; second is the purchased Flexo machine was originally printed card box, paper towels and other products, now printed beer labels. Many printers in the past are printed wine labels using offset, flexo turn after the implementation of technical innovation, including the brewery under the printing and social independence printing. Because a large amount of beer labeled, dedicated equipment operation rate higher than the national average of flexo, flexo printing can be seen in the domestic beer label printing accounted for a place. Yanjing beer industry in addition to other, Qingdao, China Resources, Suntory, Blue Ribbon, Blue Sword, Yellow River and other well-known brands have begun extensive use of flexo label, in line with the establishment of environmental conservation of the direction of the economy. Beer labels for the use of unit-type flexographic rollprinting machine has many advantages: 1, high-speed flexo printing machine speed can reach 100m/min or more, the connection device can be installed fast finishing embossing, hot stamping and die-cutting . The one-stop processing of molding methods to better protect the bulk product availability, production efficiency is equivalent to two of its five-color Roland 700 offset press. 2, the standard operations on the need for standardization of industrial products, before and after the batch label products, requires the ability to produce a uniform color standards. And label products usually require a lot of spot color, the color sensitivity of the very strong. Flexographic printing ink can be transmitted through the netted amount, once selected roller, in little change in color printing process, reducing dependence on operator experience. 3, spot color uniformity is often spot-color label printing features prominent brand, especially in large areas of the field. Constant textured transmission network can eliminate the loss caused by uneven or ink leakage white phenomenon; used to connect the job, the color flexo label appears on the degree of saturation of the color bright. Flexo gravure offset: offset flexo gravure combination into the Trinity, how to change the printing properties of paper, the physical properties of the beerlabelsforlabelingrequirements and costing the most? This exploration process allows printers to turn mixed way, in a line to install, flexo, gravure or offset printing group, through their respective advantages, to meet the special wine label requirements such as anti-Alice anti-sticking, resistance to dry friction, the friction and resistance to moisture, while the flooding, but also improve for version efficiency, with the version of the economy (such as flexo gravure joints can eliminate paper savings of 3%) and rational use of ink (such as flexographic ink gold 130 yuan / kg, gravure 60 yuan / kg, which is printing results better). China has introduced a number of Teras narrow flexo press with offset and gravure printing unit, and try to print high-end beer labels. Use of recycled beer bottles also consider filling the washing machine efficiency. Because the use has been offset label printing and label embossed coating, is not conducive to rapid infiltration of lye, extend the time the glue dissolved, not only reduces the efficiency of washing machines, but also increase the consumption of alkali; achieve a better way to polish off protective effect of alkali, alkali-soluble ink was contaminated after washing tank, we can not achieve the water bottle, added a bottle cost. Soft, gravure printing process after the first embossed bottles is more conducive to the rapid recovery of cleaning, caustic process to ensure the ink on the label firmly attached to the paper label off the bottle but the ink does not fall off, does not pollute the lye. Both got it the offset printing, gravure or champion of the rising star of the flexographic printing, or exploratory also put together the three, has its own advantages and irreplaceable, according to the actual situation to choose the right printing process that is wise.

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